Thursday, February 4, 2010


दिल की पतंग हवा में गोते खाती है

ढील तो दो देखो कहाँ पे जाती है

उलझे नहीं तोह कैसे सुल्झोगे

बिखरे नहीं तो कैसे निखरो गे ..

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here n There .. Now n Then .. I see bliss ..

Some set of people are awesome... They make you sit back and enable you to see nothing but

the moment ..Vishal (one of many rare gems folks at Art of Living) turned a boring metro

 trip into a wonderful musical journey ..Just notice the music's magical effect on everybody

 travelling .. It seems that they have left all their worries.  We all are meant to happy though

 it is easily it is the most forgeted laws of nature .. and music brings  back to the state of

 inevitable happiness ..All I could do is to capture it and you do the rest  ... sit back and have

 a virtual metro musical ride ..:)

Delhi Metro main aapka swagat hai .. follow the link

Monday, December 7, 2009

Google Se Bach ke kahan jayega..

After Ages Finally I dropped in a hall to see a movie call Paa . The name fascinated me as I call my Dad as Paa. Just how Amitabh Bachan used to say “Paa “ made me develop an affninity towards the movie and of course it comes from the makers of “Cheeni Kum” whose one liners are still a part of my lingo aka Ghass Phuss and Silent Movie. As I came out of the movie hall, I decided that I would write on it. I love the movies out of which I can take something back home and Paa comes straight of that class. The first things which made the pennies worth is reaffirmation in the movie that there is nothing bigger than truth. The way Abhishek confesses being the father of Auro was simply superb.No matter how much deep shit you may be in , if you stand by the truth their is no way but up up up. And the other big thing which was an instant take away was that you must feel for a person who has accepted his mistake and is sorry for what he has done. Another legendary performance from the legend, it seems he is getting better as he is growing older and playing a role of “old” child is special. The best part was the relation between mother and the kid. The film depicts the mother’s love for her child in a perfect way. I always have a view that we all take it as a very underrated and taken for granted form of love. With due respect to romance , mother’s love is not as glorified as it should be.My belief is no matter what happens to me tomorrow, if there is any person standing by me that would be my mother. That’s the purest form of love. A stunning looking Vidya Balan personifies a steel nerved woman standing by the tough times and growing up a special child. A tribute to motherhood. A must watch. And make sure you say sorry or start accepting someone's “sorry” after seeing the movie...

Don’t miss the awesome monkey dance and the way Auro says "Google se bach kahan jayega" and "mujhe poti jaana hai"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

kya ye sach hai

Kya yeh sach hai

khushiyon ki na hoti koyi sarhad

kya yeh sach hai

sapnon ka na hota koyi mazhab

kya yeh sach tera suraj

kya yeh sach tera chandrma

kya yeh sach hai tera jahan

he gar tera jahan !!

diwarein kyuon yahan??

Tu hi dukh ke nisha de ...

Tu hi sukh ka savera ..

main jo badhkun tu disha de..

lun main bas naam tera

ha yeh sach tu hi mera..

kya yeh sach yeh tu hi zindagi..

han yeh sach hai ...

han yeh sach hai ...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's all you

This creation is a celebration of your presence

I see you in the leaves, in the petals , in the flute ,
In the thorn, in the unseen
It’s all you and you and you
In the bark or the thorn or the roots in the mud,
Your face is reflected , smiling and dancing and laughing and singing
It’s all you , it’s all you, It’s all you
In the tears of joy, in the tears of sorrow alike you play, you
Dance, you sing and you celebrate
It’s all you, it’s all you, it’s all you
For each glorifies the other.
Everything in this creation glorifies everything else.
Clapping my hands together, I rejoice in your presence
It’s all you, It’s all you , It’s all you.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up and above !!

was flying to bangalore and managed to click these pics .. Closest to both sun and moon

Enjoy !!